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  • Dracco Signature | Headsets | SiliconBlue Corporation Ltd.

    Dracco Signature

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    Dracco Signature Gold finishing accentuates the speaker drivers for a more luxurious and stylistic listening experience.
  • Dracco Captain | Headsets | SiliconBlue Corporation Ltd.

    Dracco Captain

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    Dracco Captain Designed in collaboration with famous professional gamer “White-Ra”.
  • LEVEL 10 M | Headsets | SiliconBlue Corporation Ltd.

    LEVEL 10 M

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    LEVEL 10 M The Level 10 M gaming headset is the next iteration of the Thermaltake collaboration with BMW DesignworksUSA. Maintaining the tradition of iconic design found in the products before it. Employing elements of open spaced architecture and geometric modularity, the Level 10 M headset is a beautiful merger of form and function: designed to meet the stringent demands ... Read More