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  • Power Cleaner

    Power Cleaner

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    Removes dust and lint in home or office. Blows dust and lint away from inaccessible areas of computer keyboards, printers, CD-ROM, disk drives, copiers, fax machines, e.t.c. 400 ml power duster tin incl. small spray tube, Variable spray intensity, Eco-friendly, contains no CFC or HCFC
  • Screen Cleaner

    Screen Cleaner

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    Special cleaner for screens, glass and plastic surfaces. Packaging content: 250 ml pump spray bottle. Special cleaning spray for stripe and streak-free cleaning of sensitive TFT/LCD, laptop and flat panel. Removes nicotine, dust and fingerprints containing antistatic new reduced dusting. Non-smearing, non-flammable. Package conent: 1 bottle with 250ml cleaner.
  • Office Cleaning, 7 pieces

    Office Cleaning, 7 pieces

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    All you need for cleaning office equipment utensils in one set! Multipart office cleaning for all applications. Contains cleaning accessories for TFTs, LCDs and other screens for scanners, copying machines, overhead projectors, fax machines, printers, computer cases, keyboards, mice, telephones and other equipment.1x spray bottle with cleaning fluid (125ml), 1x microfibre cloth, 1x Universal cleaning sponge, blue, 1x Keyboard cleaning sponge, gray, 3x keyboard cleaning swabs
  • Ednet POWER DUSTER, can with 400ml high pressure

    Ednet POWER DUSTER, can with 400ml high pressure

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    Eliminate dust and dirt now with even more pressure, The Ednet Power Duster is suitable for cleaning of inaccessible places in computer and office equipment such as Computer keyboards, CD-ROMs, floppy drives, copiers, fax, etc. The increased pressure can remove dust particles or other dirt more effectively.
  • TFT/LCD Cleaning Gel 200 ml

    TFT/LCD Cleaning Gel 200 ml

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    Special cleaning gel for TFT/LCD, plasma flat screens, laptops and other anti-glare filters. Dependably removes dust, dirt and grease. Content: 200 ml cleaning gel and microfiber cloth.
  • Cleaning set for iPad, iPod, iPhone and others 25ml

    Cleaning set for iPad, iPod, iPhone and others 25ml

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    Sensitive cleaner with microfibre cloth, For a perfect shine on display surfaces. The ednet Display Cleaning Set is best suited for cleaning smartphones, tablets, monitors, and other screen surfaces. Simply spray the cleaning spray onto the desired surface and wipe it away using the included microfiber cloth. Fingerprints, dust, and dirt are effectively removed and the spray prevents static charge.