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  • PT-H108


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    PT-H108 Back to school made simple with the; Brother PT-H108 Supplied with 6x AAA Batteries & 4m Tape LCD 12 Character x1 line & Indicators Tape Width: 6,9,12mm Built-in manual tape cutter
  • PT-H110


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    Design and print durable labels using the built-in keyboard and graphic display. This feature packed labelling machine prints durable labels up to 12mm in width. Choose from several fonts, font styles, frames and symbols to customise your labels to your exact needs.
  • PT-E110VP


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    • Create durable labels up to 12mm in width
    • Dedicated functions for common labelling tasks
    • 200 symbols including electrician, audio visual and Network Infrastructure
    • Built-in cutter for accurate labelling
    • Includes AC adapter, full length 8m flexi id black on white tape cassette and handy carry case

  • PT-E300VP


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    • Prints hard-wearing labels up to 18mm wide
    • Up to 20mm per second print speed + 5 lines of print
    • QWERTY style keyboard + 15 character, 2-line, backlit LCD screen
    • Time and date printing function, 168 electrical and audio/visual specific symbols
    • Convenient manual cutter with pause function
    • Comes with carry case, wrist strap and rechargeable Li-ion battery pack

  • PT-E550WVP


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    • Prints hard-wearing labels up to 24mm wide
    • Up to 30mm per second print speed + 7 lines of print
    • QWERTY style keyboard + 16 character, 3-line backlit LCD screen
    • Heat shrink tube labels compatible + 384 symbols available
    • Automatic (full and half) cutter
    • Comes with carry case, wrist strap, USB cable, 24mm and 12mm tape, and rechargeable lithium-ion battery.Li-ion battery pack

  • PT-D210VP


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    • Create decorative labels with various patterns
    • Graphic display for easy label editing
    • Fast print speed of 20mm/second
    • Supplied with tape cassette, AC adapter and carry case
    • Prints 3.5, 6, 9 and 12mm labels

  • PT-D400


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    • Easy-to-read graphic display
    • Wide PC style keyboard
    • Large print height
    • Built-in editable label designs for common labelling applications
    • Includes 6 x AA batteries and tape cassette
    • Prints 3.5, 6, 9, 12, 18mm labels

  • PT-D450VP


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    • High resolution backlit display so you can easily preview before printing
    • PC-style QWERTY keyboard for quick and accurate typing
    • One touch function keys help you get the job done faster
    • Built-in templates and barcode printing for stand-alone use
    • PC connectable so it’s simple to create your own designs
    • Prints highly durable, laminated labels up to 18mm wide for asset management, shelving and storage

  • PT-D600VP


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    With fastest in class print speeds, improved colour screen displays, and up to 24mm wide highly durable labels, the PT-D600VP can solve a wide range of office based problems and predicaments, from labelling equipment to printing warning signs.
  • PT-P750W


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    An advanced yet easy-to-use professional labelling machine that everyone in your organisation can use to quickly design and print labels up to 24mm in width. Now with built-in Wi-Fi.
  • PT-P900W


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    • Create durable labels up to 36mm in width
    • High speed and high resolution printing
    • Integrated Wi-Fi to print labels from several devices at once, including tablets and smartphones
    • Advanced cutter with easy label peel function
    • Include images, barcodes and frames on your labels
    • Connect to data contained in spreadsheets to batch print