Bluetooth® Remote Control for Smartphones and Tablets

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Bluetooth® Remote Control for Smartphones and Tablets

Mac® OS or Android devices! Bluetooth Media remote control for tablets and,
smartphones, Bluetooth 3.0, Class II, Android, IOS support. The ednet Bluetooth® Media
Remote Controller allows the control of Android Smartphones and Tablets as well as
iPhone®, iPad® or iMac®, MacBook Air®, MacBook Pro®, Mac mini®, iPod Touch®,
etc. Whether for presentations, play your media content, photography or mirror your
media via TV, etc. – the ednet Bluetooth® remote control for tablets and smartphones is
always the perfect companion. Connect your device to your TV or stereo system, put it in
your docking station or stand and control comfortably playback (Play/Pause, Fast
Forward, Rewind, Volume, Mute) of your music, picture and video content. In the camera
mode you can control the self-timer or zoom with the practical function keys, perfect for
selfies. Due to their light weight and compact design, the remote control is ideal for
traveling and on the road.

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