Power Bank 8000

Download simultaneously up to 3 mobile devices! Power Bank, 8000 MHA with induction charging, Li-polymer battery, white. Even more power for your mobile devices! Thanks to the new Ednet Power Bank 8000 with induction charging function, are a thing of the past empty batteries.

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Power Bank 8000

The powerful Li-polymer battery allows you to turn your smartphone, tablet, MP3 player etc. repaired quickly. By 2 USB ports (1x 2,1A, 1x 1A) power bank which is perfect for charging a smartphone and a tablet at the same time. Is charging the mobile spare battery using the supplied USB cable (Micro-USB B to USB A) to your PC, notebook or alternatively via a USB socket adapter (31803). As an additional feature the Power Bank has an induction charging function. Upload comfortable, without wires, another mobile device. For this example, you place your phone on top of the marked induction charging area. Additionally, some smartphones have this technology already on-board. Otherwise, you need to use this function, a receiver pad for your device which is placed behind the battery cover. In addition, provide almost all mobile phone manufacturers to matching batteries, in which the function is already integrated.

Capacity: 8000 mAh, Built in Li-Polymer rechargeable battery. USB Outputs: 1x 2.1A (Tablet), 1x 1A (Smartphone), Input: 4,8-5,2V / 1.5A. Overcharge and discharge protection. LED charge indicator show the remaining capacity,

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8000 mAh