Benefits at a glance

  • New! Rotary auto blade for fabric cutting
  • 1,303 built-in designs, 17 fonts PLUS 63 new rotary blade designs
  • Standalone – no PC required
  • Only hobby cutting machine with built-in scanner
  • Fully automatic blade
  • Cut any material up to 3mm thick
  • Wireless LAN connectivity
  • Precise, faster, quieter cutting
  • Recognize PES/PHX/PHC embroidery files & SVG vector files
  • My Connection function (enable data transfer between SDX1250 and Innov-is Luminaire XP1)

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Scan, design, emboss, foil, score, write, draw, create stickers, cut vinyl sticker and heat transfer materials (HTV), add sparkle and cut materials up to 3mm thick all on one machine – with no extra design cartridge, computer or mobile device required!

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Something for everyone

With 1,303 designs and 17 fonts built-in, PLUS 63 rotary blade designs on activation card, your SDX1250 has something to suit every creative occasion.

Handy half-cut function

The half-cut function is perfect for cutting stickers and heat transfer materials like flex- and flock foils. Pair with background scanning to create designs
that use every inch of your material – perfect for hobbyists and business owners alike.

Connect your craft room

With wireless connectivity you can send designs directly to your ScanNCut from your free CanvasWorkspace account, no wires or flash drives needed. Using the built-in USB port, you can import PES/PHX/PHC files so you can turn treasured embroidery patterns into matching stickers, line art, cutting guides, embossing or foiling projects*.

SVG data readability

Your SDX1250 can read SVG files directly, so there’s no need to spend time converting first. More time crafting, less time converting.

Cut out the hassle

Remove the hassle of hand cutting designs from paper and fabric. Just scan, highlight and cut. Perfect for those who may have difficulty holding scissors or cutting knives.