Benefits at a glance

  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • 20W power and sound enhancement
  • microSD card slot up to 128GB
  • FM radio
  • Built-in microphone to answer calls
  • Rechargeable battery life of 20 hours

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Music Box 7+

Versatility to listen to music as you prefer: Bluetooth, FM and MP3. A portable speaker that provides you with all the versatility that you need. Bluetooth 4.1, microSD MP3 player, FM radio and audio-in to listen to your music with 20 W power 20 hours long.

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Make time your ally

Make the most of your time and enjoy the 20 hours of music non-stop offered by the Music Box 7+. You’ll only need 3 hours to charge the battery completely and enjoy your music once again.

Maximum versatility to enjoy your music

This portable speaker offers you all possibilities to play music easily: Bluetooth 4.1 connection, MP3 player for microSD cards, FM radio with up to 50 station presets and audio-in.

More than a speaker

Minimalist design with elegant lines and neat finishes that achieve the perfect balance between elegance and the most demanding technical specifications.

Let yourself be carried away by the sound

It couldn’t be otherwise. The Music Box 7+ with 20 W power offers extraordinary sound quality and clarity. This is possible thanks to the 2.0 stereo system with bass membrane to boost bass.